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DDPS NV, as a member of De Dietrich Process Systems, has the capability to provide a system of equipment based around one or more of its core technologies. This can include externally sourced equipment that is designed, specified, and purchased for each specific application. This assures that the ancillary equipment is seamlessly integrated to complete the system and achieve the processing goals.

By combining our unique and thorough knowledge of core equipment with a wide range of engineering expertise (process, mechanical, controls, etc.) projects of any size, from small reaction systems to production scale process, can be completed on time and within budget constraints.



  • Kilo lab systems
  • Pilot plant systems
  • Sulfuric acid concentration
  • Nitric acid concentration
  • Plating chemical recovery
  • Filter/Dryer systems
  • Reactor systems
  • Distillation systems
  • Heating and cooling modules
  • Vacuum systems
  • Containment systems
  • Sampling systems
  • Instrumentation and controls