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DDPS's wide range of services includes upgrading and refurbishing existing equipment and systems; repairing or reglassing damaged or worn out glass-lined parts and vessels; and providing a variety of preventative maintenance services.

The DDPS in-house capabilities include replacing/rebuilding wear parts and seals; restoring interior and exterior finishes; completing major vessel and hardware repairs; and updating control and hydraulic systems. Our team of experienced service engineers often perform repair and maintenance services on equipment while it is installed in the process plant. With a network of over 90 field service technicians located around the world, DDPS can efficiently provide the necessary local support.



  • Custom training seminars
  • Rental equipment for on site pilot plant test work
  • Reglassing old vessels
  • Repairing glass and glass-lined vessels
  • Refurbish filters and dryers to nearly new condition
  • Rebuilding drives, seals, and pumps
  • Process engineering services
  • On-site inspection and repair
  • Jacket cleaning
  • Field service personnel
  • Installation and start-up assistance